Saturday, September 9, 2017

Street Defender VR64 Video Game

The year is 1986 and modern man has made a mess of it!

Space aliens recovered the Voyager 1 spacecraft, listened to “Jonny B Good”, and immediately invaded earth’s cities with their green exoskeleton bug warriors. The robots created to make mankind’s lives more comfortable have decided they aren’t comfortable, and have risen against man. And the Central Asia Ninja Team (CANT) grew angry at the repeated portrayal of Ninjas as silent, expendable warriors in video games, so it launched an attack of its massive blue Ninja squad who have taken a vow of silence. Apparently, irony isn’t well understood in the Ninja culture.

Mankind has set up Street Defenders on every street corner to fight the invaders. They are trained to fight the invaders as long as they can before being “retired”.

You are Street Defender number C-64. 

To look for your enemies, press the “<-” key to rotate left and press the “1” key to rotate right.

The Street Defenders have multiple weapons available which are activated by function keys “F1”, “F3”, “F5”, and “F7”. These weapons will damage the nearest enemy as shown in this table. 

Only the Punch is unlimited. However, it only works if the enemy is very close.

Flashing enemies contain “power ups”. These can be collected if the enemy is killed when very close.

How many kills can you get, Street Defender number C-64, before you are “retired”?

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  1. Using Frodo C64 on Android I was able to almost try this out. I can't get the joystick to map to the necessary keys but you can at least see how the 3d effects work a little.

    1. Cool, There is also a "google cardboard" style video that can be played to see the 3D effect.

  2. Do you mind if I created a prototype of this in Unity?